Meet Fred Thugniot, Director

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Fred Thugniot has worked in the recruitment industry for nearly 15 years, fluent in French & English, and has placed candidates in roles across 25 countries. 

Could you give us an overview of your career within the industry?
I have been working in the recruitment industry for the past 13 years.

I am fluent in both French and English, and my main focus is the development of the Equipment/ Machine Part industry within the Mining & Construction sectors across more than 20 countries throughout Africa. We are the preferred suppliers for world leading dealers and suppliers such as Komatsu and Caterpillar.

What has changed most in the industry over your career?
When I started working in the industry, people were just starting to use the social networks so the way in which we approached the candidates changed.

Also, at this time (before the credit crunch), many companies were recruiting – it was easy to find new clients, but it was really difficult to find the right candidate. As the market was really competitive, every candidate had more than one job offer at a time.

After 13 years in this industry many things have changed but I have created a very well-connected network which helps with Linum Consult’s core philosophy of “Our Network is Your Network…” 

What’s been the highlight?
In 2018, one of our clients was under extreme pressure to recruit a vast number of positions across 25 countries in Africa within the Equipment sector. Therefore, we proposed a solution where I was sub-contracted directly to the client to assist with the multiple requirements. This was a resounding success, resulting in more than 30 placements for them, contributing to their strategic growth in that region.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the International Recruitment Sector?
Focus on quality and not quantity.
2. Be human and treat your candidates and clients the way you would like to be treated.
3. Be resilient and organised.

What advice can you give leaders when managing businesses and teams through times of uncertainty?
You have to evolve with the times and be ready for change. Otherwise, you will finish like Blackberry… obsolete.


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