Meet Francis Ryan, Director

Meet our Team

Francis Ryan is Founder & Director at Linum Consult. Francis has worked all over the world and has expert knowledge of the global talent marketplace. 

Could you give us an overview of your career within the industry?
Fresh after graduating from Durham university in 2007, I decided to join a recently created recruitment company that were setting up a Middle East construction division.  Having lived as an expat in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Brunei, I drew on my worldly experience and any contacts I had in the construction industry to open doors.  It was a tough introduction to recruitment, however within 9 months I was one of the top performers in the company and was subsequently headhunted by a leading UK construction recruitment firm to setup their international division from scratch.  That was a challenge, but one I relished and it gave me the appetite to start my own firm.  A few years later, I took the plunge and co-founded Linum Consult in May 2012 with my business partners, Neill Donald and Peter Coleman. 

At Linum Consult, I jointly manage and operate the company.  My passion is C-level executive search and working with high profile semi-government and Fortune 500 clients within the global construction and renewable energy sectors – many of whom work on some of the world’s most iconic construction & engineering projects. As well as focusing on international business development, I have gained extensive experience in bidding and winning EU funded tenders for both contract and permanent recruitment on major infrastructure projects. 

What has changed most in the industry over your career?
The use of technology and social media platforms, when engaging with clients and candidates, has changed immensely over the years.  Your voice can now reach millions of people with the touch of a button.  Where as in the past you may have won business or worked with someone due to word of mouth or recommendations, now it’s also important that you develop your brand. You have to ensure brand exposure and online perception hits the right tone as it plays a big part in people’s purchasing decisions. 

I can also see the industry evolving in the future even further, with the integration of block chain technologies and AI into the recruitment process and the eventual adoption by employers of a digital block chain CV. 

What’s been the highlight?
Setting up Linum Consult and building our epic team has been the main highlight. Other highlights include being exclusively retained and successfully placing 3 out of 4 board members (CEO, CTO and CPO) on Europe’s largest tri-country high speed rail mega project, Rail Baltica. Finally, winning our first EU funded recruitment tender a few years ago – that was an incredible moment as well.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the International Recruitment Sector?
If you’re passionate, tenacious, hardworking, a good listener and a people person who understands the importance of building long term relationships, then a career in international recruitment might be the right career choice for you.

It’s tough, but very rewarding and you get to work with some brilliant people. 

What advice can you give leaders when managing businesses and teams through times of uncertainty?
Prudent planning is important but you can’t plan for every eventuality.  When you initiate a plan during a period of uncertainty, make sure your team understands why and what role they play in that plan.  Be honest, frank and keep integrity at the forefront of all your decisions.  Be tactile with your decision making as in times of uncertainty you need to be flexible, but also have the gall to make tough decisions and stick by them.  Look after your team, they are your family. 

Most importantly, enjoy the ride!



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